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App Store News

After several years of bother trying to get App Store to work with my first-gen-app update, ToDo finally got updated. It should be live by tomorrow. In the past 2-3 years of trying to get this submitted, I actually rewrote the app completely several times, getting it updated for the iPhone 5 (remember that!?) and more recently for iOS 7. Now that it’s finally (finally!) gotten through, let me know how it works. If you have any feature requests / bug reports, send them to me by email.

In related matters, there’s a brand new version of PasteCatcher also going live.


New FAQs posted

Just posted a few FAQs for folderol on This is a test post to make sure the “post to Twitter” functionality is all in place!

Folderol FAQ #2: Preserving the original modification date

Jeff writes:
Hi Erica,
I just downloaded folderol.  I bought your product.  Please help. I’m a recent PhD who was very surprised with OS Mavericks taking away the colors of my files (not just the folders).  I had a system whereby color coded files would indicate which version of the draft I was working with.  Yellow for 1st, orange for 2nd, green for ready to go. It was great. When I use FOLDEROL to add color to a file, it sends that file to the top of the modified column on my macbookpro. It thereby loses the important DATE-TIME functionality. I no longer know which was my most recent version.

​Can you advise me on how to not have the modification be registered by time-date? ​

​Thanks, ​



I created a drag and drop utility called Mod Date Holder (download). Drop your files on it before using folderol and then drop them on again after. It should preserve your original modification dates.

This app creates a metadata key that stores the most recent modification date. Folderol will modify the file icon and update the modification time. Once folderol-ized, return to the utility and drop the file on again. This time, Mod Date Holder finds the metadata key it created, which stores the original modification date and updates the file to return it to that date.

You can check the stored date in any file from the command line as such. This uses the “print” (p) option for the xattr metadata command. The date appears as a number, which is a time interval offset from the OS X Epoch.

/usr/bin/xattr -p com.sadun.CustomModificationDateHoldKey <path to file>

Folderol FAQs #1: Does it work with Dropbox?

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.46.47 PMFreddy writes:

The color disappears when I move the folder to Dropbox. Any solution to prevent that? It seems to work sometimes now, about every second time I add a folder to Dropbox. Another problem is that the folder doesn’t appear colored anymore if I am reading it in Dropbox from another of my Macs. Do Folderol need to be installed on every computer to have it work?


The color should work on-your mac. It may not sync between macs. Dropbox’s folder icon sync problem is apparently longstanding.

More than you want to know:

The “dot” is specific to OS X Mavericks and will not be synced by Dropbox as it is part of the file metadata. You can see it from the command line by running “mdls”, e.g.

 mdls -name kMDItemUserTags /path/to/your/folder

 The icon is actually an invisible file inside the folder, placed there by the OS X workspace. You can see hidden files by running the two following lines in a terminal session:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder

And to return the hidden files back to invisible:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE
killall Finder

iOS Drawing book beta readers


UPDATE: The drawing book is now getting close to complete. Thank you to everyone who wrote in. I’ll post about the next projects and more beta reading opportunities shortly.

I’m still looking for beta readers for the new iOS Drawing book. Think you might be interested? Please send me a note by email and tell me about yourself and your background.

Here are a few points I include in my standard welcome, that should give you an idea of what I’m looking for:

I expect you to read through the chapter and find things that are (1) wrong, (2) unclear, (3) missing, or (4) badly expressed. Your focus is technical review. Please don’t worry about misspellings, phrasing, semicolons, etc. There are people to help with that during the copy edit phase. Your role is technical clarity and accuracy. Your help there is greatly appreciated.

I do not expect you to be kind in your feedback. Please be brutal and honest. I’d rather fix things now before the material goes out to the general public than after. If something is wrong, it’s wrong. If you point this out, I will not wallow in hurt feelings, I will be grateful to you.

This book is being written on a very short deadline. I need your feedback turned around in just a week or so after I post each chapter. I know that’s a really short turnaround and thank you in advance for promptness!

Selling books is how I support my family. Please do not distribute any of these documents. Thank you!

Books are a marathon, not a sprint. I need readers as much towards the end of the book as the start. Please, please, please stick around