Same blog, different channel

Migration done! Welcome to the new host.

After couple of days of pure hell getting things transferred and set-up, here we are. I don’t want to even think of the billable hour cost for most people making this happen. Change is traumatic.

Ended up going with it has cpanel, email, and WordPress. I was about theeeesclose to going with’s paid plan (huge huge thanks to the wonderful Jeremy Massel). In the end, there were just too many compromises. Even with siteground there were compromises, but at least it’s not Bluehost.

Thank you to everyone for your advice and recs and patience. The only thing I regret is that I forgot to get someone a referral from all this. I apologize.

If you wrote to me in the last day and it was important please try writing again just in case… There was a period of outage where the old mail hadn’t finished updating and the new mail wasn’t fully configured.

I still have to set up my mail on a bunch of different devices, so off to do that…


  • I don’t know your particular setup but if you updated the nameserver and/or MX records, the old mail should still arrive at the old mailbox. Also take note of the old records’ TTL which is how long after the switch you might receive mail on the previous server. 🙂

  • Congrats! Glad to see it has worked out well.

  • Congratulations! Moving is never fun, but the site made it!