Pedants love this one secret MBP trick: Nifty going out of business

I know, the post title sucks. I have to work harder on my clickbait headline writing. Anyway, if you own a MacBook Pro, check out Nifty’s going out of sale special. (“Last chance to buy – Nifty MiniDrive closing down… it is now time to close the chapter on Nifty. Thank you for being part of that journey with us. We have reduced all our stock to clear…”)

The Nifty “MiniDrive” (terrible name) is just an SD card adapter. You can pick one of those up just about anywhere for about three bucks fifty. It’s not hugely surprising that selling the same product for $40 plus shipping and handling wasn’t a solid business strategy.

The reason I’m recommending you plonk down $10 (or $12 with s/h in the US) is that the device works seamlessly with MacBook Pro (and, I suppose, Air, although I’ve never tried it in one). I have one in my 2015 MBP-Retina and like it very much.

The MiniDrive hides the card and lies completely flush with the unit. It’s basically invisible, adding what is essentially a slowish internal extra drive (hence the name) that you don’t have to remove when you put your laptop into your backpack.

Make sure you order the right one. A MBP-13 is not the same as a MBP Retina-13, and 13 and 15 are different sizes. I expect they won’t be in business much longer, so take a few moments and ensure that the unit you think you’re getting is the one you’re ordering. If they fold early, you’re out twelve bucks. If they deliver, you get a nice little feature for your system at a price that’s pretty reasonable.


  • Thanks for the heads-up!

  • Yeah, I second that. I wanted one of these before, but couldn’t justify the cost.

  • Aw, man, I wanted one of these. Looks like they are out of the MBP 15″ Retina version. Can’t add it to the cart, so I assume that’s what that indicates.