objc App Architecture by Eidhof, Gallagher, and Kugler

The objc.io folk were kind enough to let me peek at their latest book, which provides an overview of iOS application design patterns in Swift. Anyone working in production code will be well served by keeping on top of the current art in these patterns.

The book introduces you to both the familiar (Model View Controller, better known as MVC and Model-View-ViewModel-Coordinator or MVVC) as well as less common architectures, which include Model-View-Controller+ViewState, ModelAdapter-ViewBinder, and Elm.  The latter group provides intriguing ways to establish view state and construction and communicate with your semantic model.

After an overview chapter, which explains and motivates each pattern, following chapters focus on exploring a single pattern. (There’s also a separate networking chapter that follows onto MVC and MVVC.) The authors carefully explain how you can incorporate each pattern into your code, considering design and testing, as well as related tasks like persistence. There are plentiful code examples and discussion that offer insights into each pattern’s benefits.

I have not had a chance to fully read the book yet, but what I’ve read has been clear and thoughtful. And yes, there are plenty of examples that tie back to RxSwift.

The book is extremely practical and sure to be of value to serious coders. It’s available from the objc.io site, priced at $49 for the basic eBook or paperback, or $99 which adds seven hours of in-depth video with live coding examples.

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