Tap tap, hey is this thing on?

tl;dr: Erica’s site gets hacked repeatedly. Erica’s account is closed by Bluehost. Erica wails into the void. Played with DNS, with github.io, nuked wordpress install, re-installed wordpress, re-installed data, reinstalled plugins, scanned for malware, attempted to restore DNS, wailed into void, some semblance of site possibly restored. Maybe.

postscript: I’m posting this as a test to see if my site is back and alive. If so, please make sure to use https and not http to connect. Fingers crossed.



  • Test post! It’s live!

  • Roger, loud & clear.

  • Your persistence is heroic. The trolls who hack you are a waste of flesh.

  • Hey Erica!

    I work at Automattic, the company behind Jetpack and WordPress.com. I was out at Bluehost last week helping training some of their folks on WordPress too.

    Would you like any help? I’m happy to help make sure everything is set right and as best as possible for you. If you’re keen, you can shoot me a DM on Twitter ( @kraft ) or an e-mail. I think there are some simple changes we can make to help things work smoother.

  • Welcome back!