Sorry for the interruption

Short Summer Summary: Erica fall down. Erica go boom. Erica fall down again and injure more stuff. Owie.

I’ll try to get back to writing and posting soon. I have a neat discussion with Soroush Khanlou about splitting a sequence into index ranges among other things.

(I also have to finish updating my Moo app before the 32bitpocalypse)


October update: so basically my gallbladder fell out (more or less). I believe by the law of averages, that 2018 is going to be AWESOME. I may need to buy Lotto tix and cash in on the stored karma reserves.

Email me me if you need me. Address is erica at ericasadun dot com.


  • You are missed. Hoping and praying for better health for you Erica.

  • I’m so sorry! That sounds truly painful and here’s to your recovery!!

  • Unacceptable. The free stuff must flow!

    Kidding… that wiki entry sounds horrendous! Owie indeed! 🙁 Very best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

  • Get well soon. We have missed you.

  • Ouch. Please get well soon. Love your work.

  • I was getting concerned. Get well soon! I visit your site everyday. We miss you!

  • You have one of the best Swift development blogs on the web. I’ve been missing your posts lately. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  • Wishing you a swift recovery!

    • Badumkish!

  • Good luck with treatment!

  • Please take care of yourself and get well.