Stupid Swift Tricks: Sleepsort

Was chatting today about the freestanding old style partition function and the new one that’s part of SE-0120. One thing led to another and I was writing sleepsort in a playground.

Several interesting things.

  • To Linuxize, so I could run this in the IBM sandbox, I had to import Dispatch, use CLOCKS_PER_SEC, and use rand() (and no, I didn’t even bother seeding it, I just wanted the code to run).
  • Bad things™ happened without the access queue, as the quality of service was not quite as good as I initially thought.
  • I had to tweak the delay time between the Linux and playground implementations a bit so closures didn’t fire unexpectedly and wouldn’t run over each other. Maybe I should have gone with a different policy than default for my primary dispatch method?

As always, if you have improvements or suggestions, fire ’em away.

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