Xcode Tricks: API Changes

Here’s a quick trick that helps you review changes between SDK releases, including beta SDKS. In Xcode, select Help > API Changes.

Xcode automatically navigates your web browser to https://developer.apple.com/api-changes/. (You can also visit this link directly.) At the web site, you’ll find a list of current and archival API deltas:

For example, when I clicked on the latest Beta release, here’s the screen that popped up today:

Color-coded overviews reflect the number of changes (modified, added, deprecated) at the top left. A pop-up at the right, enable you to switch to specific betas and releases.

Select individual modules to view changes in-place, annotated with corresponding color highlights.

As you navigate down to finer details, the change highlights trickle down to deeper and deeper levels.

Select an older version of Xcode from the top-right pop-up to view a current-to-previous comparison. In this case, the type constraint has moved to a trailing where condition.

It’s a fascinating way to present and navigate API changes.

One Comment

  • Great tip, in-browser colored api diffs! Yey!