Swift From Two to Three on iTunes and Leanpub


Swift 3 is a major, breaking language change. Are you ready to make the jump? Let “Swift from Two to Three” help you along the way. From migrating your code, updating your style, and adopting new Swift features, this book ushers you into the newly refreshed language. Learn what changed, why it changed, and how you can update your code using this hands-on guide that covers all the major difference with plenty of examples and insight.

Now available from iTunes and Leanpub. Buy all three and save 30%.

Sending a sincere thank you to everyone who helps support my blogging and independent writing by purchasing books.


  • Erica, thanks for the bundle price. Will you be updating the other two books? Also, how does Leanpub compare with IBooks as far as getting the updates seamlessly?

    • I update pretty regularly. There are revision notes for each book.

      • On the iBooks store, both the Playgrounds book and the Documentation Markup book show May 3, 2016 as the latest under Version History (release notes). You replied to another poster below that the Playgrounds book was updated a few weeks ago. I’m just trying to figure out whether to buy on iBooks or Leanpub. It looks like the bundle price is only possible on Leanpub. Is that correct?

        • Version 3.4 was the big overhaul for Swift 3 and Xcode 8, and I know it was past May 3 because it was well after WWDC.

          iTunes Producer says September 2nd. I’m trying to re-upload it now, to see if it “takes”. (iTunes Connect says May though. I have submitted a ticket to find out why. And I just re-submitted the September update.)

          You can always check the version number for the updates because it’s listed at the very front of the book on the first page just before “About the Author”

  • Hi Erica. It’s early morning (where I am)… and coffee has not kicked in yet.
    So, to clarify, the iTunes editions of ‘Playground Secrets’ and ‘Documentation Markdown’ will be updated to Swift 3? If so, I’ll go ahead and buy now (well, once I get home).

  • Quick request. I bought your Markup and Playground books via iBooks.

    I wanted to cut and paste some code from the Playground book into an Xcode playground but it has the copy option disabled, so had to retype the code by hand .

    The option is there on other technical books in my library, eg Big Nerd Ranch books. Would it be possible to enable copying of code in your books as well ?

    • Copying works fine for me in my version of iBooks. Most of the Playground code is also on github

  • Thanks for the pointer to Github .

    I deleted the book and downloaded it again, and now the “Copy” option is no longer grayed out, ie it’s working.

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