• You’ve got to be kidding me. I have something somewhat similar, which is more about layering regular polygons though: https://github.com/marcusrossel/geometry-view

  • Under Swift 3 the open funcs have an error: “Expected Declaration”

  • Commenting out the opens gets the MacOS version to work.
    In the IOS version there is an error: “Value of type UIBezierPath has no member ‘line’

  • I’m fairly sure you are using the wrong conversion from a quadratic to a cubic.
    open func addQuadCurve(to point: CGPoint, controlPoint: CGPoint) {
    self.curve(to: point, controlPoint1: controlPoint, controlPoint2: controlPoint)

    I think you have to use the 2/3rds formula like the following snippet:

    case .addQuadCurveToPoint: // As NSBezierPath has no native quad curve element, convert to cubic.
    let ⅔ = CGFloat(2.0/3.0)

    let quadControlPoint = points.pointee
    let nextPoint = points.advanced(by: 1).pointee

    let startPoint = myself.currentPoint ?? NSPoint(x: 0, y: 0)

    let control1X = startPoint.x + ⅔*(quadControlPoint.x-startPoint.x)
    let control1Y = startPoint.y + ⅔*(quadControlPoint.y-startPoint.y)

    let controlPoint1 = NSPoint(x: control1X, y: control1Y)

    let control2X = nextPoint.x + ⅔*(quadControlPoint.x-nextPoint.x)
    let control2Y = nextPoint.y + ⅔*(quadControlPoint.y-nextPoint.y)

    let controlPoint2 = NSPoint(x: control2X, y: control2Y)

    myself.curve(to: nextPoint, controlPoint1: controlPoint1, controlPoint2: controlPoint2)