Swift Developer’s Cookbook Content Update #1 is live

I’m pleased to announce that the Swift Developer’s Cookbook content update has gone live. My editor writes:

Hi Erica,
The Web Edition has been updated and is live (I just registered my book and checked it). To access the Web Edition, anyone who purchases the book can just register it at Informit.com. After doing so, the Web Edition will show up on the Account page.
You can feel free to post a blog entry, tweet, et cetera that the first update is live.

Pearson’s Content Update Program is brand new. It has experienced significant challenges over the past months: floods in Chennai followed by a massive downsizing at Pearson, which caught the CUP point people in the layoffs. With luck, further updates will not take so long. It’s a very weird time to be in the technical writing business.

If you’ve purchased a copy of the book from any vendor, you should be able to register it with InformIT and receive access to the refreshed material. If you have any difficulties, ping @InformIT on Twitter.


  • Just contacted InformIt tech support. There was no link to the Web Edition on my accounts page, even though I bought the book directly from InformIt and it was automatically registered.

  • I just “upgraded” and downloaded the new PDF, but it’s still the same! If I look at the online version, I can see the update to the “Welcome to Modern Swift” section, but in the downloaded PDF, it’s the same old same old…

  • Not sure what happened, but I refreshed the PDF, downloaded it, and it’s still the same old PDF. I can see the new content if I view the web based version (like the new content on the end of “Welcome to Modern Swift”

    • The content update program is web only. Here’s a link to a post I wrote about this: https://ericasadun.com/2015/11/19/swift-developers-cookbook-status-update-mark-december-17-on-your-calendars/

      The Swift cookbook participates in Pearson’s new Content Update program, which works like this:

      • As Apple makes significant updates to the Swift 2 language, sections of my book may be updated or new sections added.
      • Book updates are delivered via a free Web Edition, which can be accessed with any Internet connection.
      • Customers register their books (print versions, ebook versions, whatever) with AW/Pearson, and if and when content changes, they receive email updates.

      In other words, the CU program acts a guard against the book going out of date two days after you purchase it. What’s more, I architected the book to be as long-lived as possible, focusing on core language concepts.

      • Well, as a customer – that’s not very useful. My ebook reader of choice for technical books is using a PDF on an iPad. As a reference, O’Reilly and Pragmatic update content, including the portable formats (epub/pdf), of books. Pragmatic even updates them right to dropbox! Not sure why Pearson doesn’t but this would certainly make me shy away from ever buying a technical book from them again. My .02!

        • Thanks for your feedback! I’ve forwarded it along to Pearson and hope it can help make a difference.