Dear Playgrounds Santa: Playgrounds

Dear Playgrounds Santa,

It’s awesome using #colorLiteral in Swift Playgrounds. The editor automagically picks up the literal and offers a context-sensitive picker. So might I have a new #numberLiteral to match? One that allows integer or floating point values, with max: and min:, so that the number tweaker cannot produce values outside my specifications?

#numberLiteral(0.2, min:0.0, max:1.0)
#numberLiteral(8, min:1, max: 10)

It would sure make staging examples less error-prone, especially when working with frameworks like Core Image.

Speaking of being good this year, can I please have a standard  “Cover.png” resource file to display in the Playgrounds library? When found, it would replace the empty gray swift icon that makes one playground look so like another. Just because they’re not playground books doesn’t mean standalone playgrounds can’t be fun,  interesting, or exciting.

I’d also really like to have a new markup keyword. Can you add #-autorun, so my LiveView updates on edits (or at least when the editor has paused, say, for half a second?)

Finally (along with my pony), can I view and edit Sources when working with playgrounds (and not playground books) somehow?


p.s. I’ve left you milk, cookies, and Radar 27035484 next to the tree.


  • Ho ho ho. Did you make bug reports for your wishes?

    • SANTA!

      1. 27044241
      2. 27044261
      3. 27044280
      4. 27044302
  • dear Santa, when you are at it for Erica, can I have ability to edit and create source files with Swift inside of Source sub-directory? I need literally nothing else ?

  • Dear Santa, while you are at it, can I have the Swift Playgrounds App for macOS?