WWDC sale: Gourmet Cookbook, Swift Cookbook, and more!

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Happy WWDC! My Gourmet Cookbook is InformIT’s eBook Deal of the Week this week (from 6/12 to 6/18), selling at a 53% discount. You can also snag a cool 37% discount off any of my other Pearson books by using the code IOSDEV37. Hop by my InformIT author page to grab a deal.

Update: @InformIT sent me a corrected discount code Monday morning. I apologize if you had any trouble yesterday or today with an invalid code.



  • Is the Swift cookbook at 3.0 yet and how long will it be updated?

    • The Swift 3 language is still being created and won’t be ready for use until the end of the year at the earliest. The book is at Swift 2, there are content updates for Swift 2.2 (which are all finished but I’ve been waiting on Pearson to push them out to registered readers of the book, the Content Update Program is still extremely new).

      In addition, I’m working on “Swift from 2 to 3”, which will be self published.

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  • Are there plans to update this book for Swift 3? Swift 2 had an incredibly short shelf-life 🙁

    • There were plans when I was writing it. Unfortunately, Pearson/Addison Wesley laid off its entire content update team, along with most of the production and marketing staff for developer titles

      I have put out a self-published Swift from 2 to 3 (https://leanpub.com/swift23) to make up most of the difference, and I have a shelf-stable “Swift Style” that’s currently in beta with Pragmatic Press (https://pragprog.com/book/esswift/swift-style). I just pushed Beta 2 today to the team, so the rest of the book should be out within the next week (vacation time permitting).