Swift Doc Markup generator

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.11.33 PM

Ankit Agarwal’s new SwiftMarkupGen is an open source package that offers a quick way to generate a Swift 3 markup template from the command line. Meant strictly for use with the Swift 3.0 toolchain, just download, make, and install in  your favorite bin folder.

Unlike VVDocumenter, another great tool, SwiftMarkupGen isn’t  pushy in Xcode. As a standalone command-line utility, it doesn’t catch you by surprise in Xcode when you’re intending to edit comment markup by hand, which is why I eventually disabled VVDocumenter and haven’t updated it.

SwiftMarkupGen is brand new, and I’m sure it can easily be adapted to produce, for example, //* */ delineated markup as well as the more Apple-y /// variation with a simple command line option and a pull request.

Both are great tools and well worth checking out.

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