Would you buy this book? Swift from 2 to 3


If you thought Swift 2.2 was a big change, just wait until Swift 3 hits Xcode. I’m considering writing a quick reference to help you migrate your code, going beyond the automated tools, so you can start using Swift 3’s kickass new features.

Here are few samples pages from my proof of concept. The screenshots come from the already fleshed out 2 to 2.2 section rather than from the later 2.2 to 3 section, which I’m working on now. The format should remain the same more or less: what is the language change, why was it added, how do you use this and/or refactor, what are some examples of use, and where can you learn more about the change:

(Sorry about the voting on the sample pages. Apparently I can turn on gallery voting for everything or nothing but can’t mix and match what’s votable and not votable.)

Does this look like something you’d pay for?

And would it be okay to release it incomplete, updating it regularly over the year until Swift 3 hits this winter?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and comments.


  • I would buy it.

  • Simple answer: yes!

  • Oh HELL yes!

  • I’d say shorter and sweeter the better… The last thing I’d want to see is a 500 page book on migration. Give us checklists 🙂

  • I’d buy this, and would be happy to have it released incomplete with regular updates. I buy many of my books as pre-release “alpha” versions anyway.

  • Would this be an e-pub? If the format is Apple’s iBooks that updates content I’d consider paying for the convenience.

    • Yes. The only way I’ve found to create updatable content is through iBooks. I also update Leanpub as a convenience for people in countries without iBooks stores.

  • I’d pretty much buy any developer book you chose to write. After all, I want to keep my set complete! Seriously, you’re a great writer and this is an important topic.

  • You had me at “Swift” ?

  • Yes, yes, yes.

  • definitely would buy multiple copies for my team. Would prefer it to come in a progressive rollout

  • Yes!

  • Oh, yes.

  • From you? In a hamster’s heartbeat.

  • I will buy it! Would prefer progressive rollout as Swift 3 evolves.

  • I don’t follow the Swift evolution discussions, but I would follow this book to see a summary of the changes. I would buy it tomorrow with 3 pages written.