This week’s Swift Evolution reviews

A handful of reviews that are launching tomorrow:

  • May 10…16, 2016 SE-0041: Updating Protocol Naming Conventions for Conversions The Swift standard library includes slightly north of eighty protocols. Of these, about 15% concern themselves with type initialization and conversion. This proposal assigns specific conventional suffixes to these tasks.
  • May 10…16, 2016 SE-0075: Adding a Build Configuration Import Test Testing for imports enables you to test for API availability before use.
  • May 10…16, 2016 SE-0081: Move where clause to end of declaration This proposal suggests moving the where clause to the end of the declaration syntax, but before the body, for readability reasons. It has been discussed at length on the following swift-evolution thread. +1!!!
  • May 10…16, 2016 SE-0083: Remove bridging conversion behavior from dynamic casts Dynamic casts using as?as!, and is are currently able to dynamically perform Cocoa bridging conversions, such as from String to NSString or from an ErrorProtocol-conforming type to NSError. This functionality should be removed to make dynamic cast behavior simpler, more efficient, and easier to understand. To replace this functionality, initializers should be added to bridged types, providing an interface for these conversions that’s more consistent with the conventions of the standard library.
  • May 10…16, 2016 SE-0084: Allow trailing commas in parameter lists and tuples Swift permits trailing commas after the last element in array or dictionary literal. This proposal extends that to parameters and tuples.

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