Swift Documentation Markup update


I just uploaded version 1.2 to both iTunes and Leanpub. They should go live fairly soon.

This release takes advantage of my dumpster diving through Swift’s sources, updating details of Xcode’s CommonMark support and expanding information about the supported markup tags in Xcode 7.3.

I expanded the playground section to describe the new 7.3 markup tags and added coverage about embedding videos using playground markup.

Thanks again to everyone who continues to support my independent book projects. I am also hard at work on the Swift 2.2 content update for the cookbook and my indie Swift Style project.


  • Any estimates on a release date for the Swift Style Guide, or is it best to expect it after Swift 3 is finalized?

    • Things do keep changing. I’m kind of going back and forth with the installment delivery plan over at Leanpub or just sitting on it until things are stable. Any thoughts on that?

      • Hi Erica. I’ve bought several other books as “works in progress” (“alpha” books, etc.), so an installment delivery plan would be fine. However, wth the current rate of change to Swift, you might want to delay things a bit so you’re not rewriting very often.

  • Thanks Erica! Keep it up!

  • Awesome Erica! Any idea if it’s possible seeing just the changes from the previous version to this one somehow ? As to not go through the entire thing again ?

    • Sadly, I keep a running revision history but not a diff.

  • Oddly mine is stuck on 1.1.5. It’s listed in iPad “Updates” but only provides the option to “read”. Fresh download on my Mac gave me the 1.2 version.