Playground Secrets 3rd Edition


I just pushed the 3rd edition to the store. If you’ve already purchased a copy, the update should appear tomorrow or over the weekend. Check for available downloads. As always, if you find any mistakes or if I overlooked any content with the new updates, please do let me know!

New purchasers, the 3rd edition will be available on iTunes and LeanPub as soon as it is approved and processed.

From the release notes:

Massive revision for Xcode 7.3, Swift 2.2 changes. Highlights include new examples for Swift 2.2, new doc rendering styles (much prettier, but also much larger so the screenshots suffer from being able to present less material at once). Removed (most) coverage of the now deprecated value capture feature, added strike-through for one section just in case a replacement shows up, added notes in the section about arranging assistants. Added coverage of new build configuration tests, enhanced the playground rich text markup section, added info about literals and embedded videos. Chapter 7 lost content because of the introduction of live interaction. Sadly, live input also disabled things like drag-and-drop windows and pop-ups, so a lot of the cute utilities that playgrounds could do in Xcode 7.2 no longer work. Sandboxing means that many really useful OS X utilities (although not all) are now history.


  • Are you going to update Swift Developer’s Cookbook for changes in Swift?

    • I am in the middle of updates for 2.2. It’s going slower than I had hoped because the tools are very new and hard to use.

  • great news! thanks 🙂

  • I was getting ready to read your book (3rd ed) when I noticed that iTunes had a update (3.1).
    Funny thing is that the 3.0 version had 160 pages and the 3.1 version had 134 pages. I didn’t change the font type/size and I can’t find anything blatantly missing in the 3.1 version ( I don’t have the 3.0 version to compare it to).
    Am I missing something?

    • Each version varies by what’s available in Xcode. 7.3 deprecated capture value and removed nearly everything to do with OS X windowing, so the coverage there is greatly reduced because things you needed to do as workarounds can either be done far more easily (embedded live views) or cannot be done (fingers crossed that captured values returns — please make a noise on twitter)

  • Will this be updated to swift ?

    • It’s always been in Swift

  • Will this be updated for swift 3?

    • I updated it to Swift 3 many months ago. I’m not sure if there will be major Swift 4 changes, but that’s what the next big update will encompass if there’s a significant change.