Swift 2.2 released. Xcode updated to 7.3

Announced at swift.org:

We are very pleased to announce the release of Swift 2.2! This is first official release of Swift since it was open-sourced on December 3, 2015. Notably, the release includes contributions from 212 non-Apple contributors — changes that span from simple bug fixes to enhancements and alterations to the core language and Swift Standard Library.

Updates include those discussed in my earlier 2.2 Beta post.

A few notes:

  • SE-0001 currently has 3 exceptions. All those exceptions will likely go away by Swift 3.
  • SE-0015 Tuple comparison operators is a lovely little tweak by Lily Ballard.
  • SE-0011 fixes an issue with confusing keywords. Protocols now have associatedtypes to express placeholder types. You continue to implement these (and other type aliases assignments) with typealias.
  • SE-0021 allows you to disambiguate overloaded functions. You can now name functions included argument names. It’s brother proposal, SE-0022 adds #selector that builds selectors from method references.
  • SE-0020 is the first new build configuration (hopefully there will be more) that enables you to specialize your code based on Swift language releases.

If you’d like to see what’s still in the works, hop by Swift Evolution on github. The main ReadMe page has a list of what you can expect in Swift 3.0 and the review schedule lets you know which proposals will be up for public review and when.

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