About those two withdrawn proposals

If you hunt through the proposals folder on Swift Evolution, you’ll see that both SE-0050 and SE-0051 are “withdrawn by submitter”. A few people have asked me about this so I thought I’d throw up a post.

SE-0050’s withdrawal was actually an accident (I had been discussing SE-0051 and the two of them had started as a single proposal that was split in two.)

That said, Dave Abrahams is already working on fixing the SE-0050 problem as part of his work on indexing models. So long as the problem gets fixed, I’m happy. As I point out in the proposal, floating point numbers really shouldn’t conform to Strideable in its current incarnation or be genericized with integer types.

As for SE-0051, I felt that while the issues I brought up were valid, that there was a deeper design issue found in ranges, intervals, strides, etc that should probably be addressed post Swift 3. (“I don’t want to waste everyone’s time bailing water instead of designing a better hull.”)

If you’re interested, the three renamed functions in SE-0051 correspond to natural endpoints you’d encounter in loops, specifically “while less than”, “while less than or equal to”, and “until greater than or equal to”. There are examples in the proposal of the three conditions, and suggested renaming to better reflect those conditions.

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