Survey results: labels

Yesterday, I ran a quick survey to get a sense of the kind of label naming schemes developers would prefer in a Swift setting. Because I don’t have a paid account over at Survey Monkey, my results ran out fairly quickly at 100 answers.

Even so, the 100 answers I can see do show trends worth exploring: Swift devs like first labels and dislike unnecessary linguistic “fluff” that complicates calls. It’s sort of an anti-ObjC style pushback.

It’s hard to track the comments against the answers (next time I do anything like this, I’m going to make it much clearer that comments should run like “I chose blah because…and then finish your comment”) but they too seem emphasize concision, consistency and simplicity.

If you take some time to review the results, I’d be interested in hearing any conclusions you build from them.


  • A “K&R”-ish simplicity & clarity ala 1978 is preferred. That is a good thing.

  • the majority vote is never a good way to judge things

  • “It’s sort of an anti-ObjC style pushback.”

    Hard to know, because you don’t know where the respondents are coming from. Maybe your respondents did not come from Objective C, in which case, I would expect the results you got. I come from Objective C and I prefer the Objective C style in naming. IMO, Swift’s flexibility with parameter (internal, external) naming makes the Objective C style even more useful.