Xcode 7.3 updates playground rendering

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 2.52.52 PM

Notice anything different in rendered playground docs between Xcode 7.2 and the 7.3 beta? The new style uses a lovely serif font and has dropped gray backgrounds. (If you’re looking to extend custom styling even further, drop a radar at bugreport.apple.com. You won’t be alone.)

Jack Lawrence writes that the new style is due to a complete refactor from built-in web views and CSS to native Core Text rendered goodness. The updated playground rendering adds new markup keywords:

  • - experiment: to suggest ways to interact with the playground’s Swift code and prompt interaction with live views
  • - note: that adds related information and tips that augment reading through the primary document
  • - important: for cautions and warnings

He sent along an example of the experiment keyword rendering in Swift standard lib playground:


A few more:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 3.47.29 PM

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