Swift Evolution: Calendar update (and tuple comparison)

Today is the last day to vote on SE-0014, constraining AnySequence.init.

SE-0015 voting begins today for a very short 2-day consensus on tuple comparison. This is a Lily proposal that implements comparison for n-arity tuples using automagic gyb coding:

It’s annoying to try and compare tuples of comparable values and discover that tuples don’t support any of the common comparison operators. There’s an extremely obvious definition of == and != for tuples of equatable values, and a reasonably obvious definition of the ordered comparison operators as well (lexicographical compare).

Beyond just comparing tuples, being able to compare tuples also makes it easier to implement comparison operators for tuple-like structs, as the relevant operator can just compare tuples containing the struct properties.

This looks ridiculously +1 straightforward.

One Comment

  • Precedent: Python has lexicographical tuple comparisons and it’s super useful.