Status: Another Swift proposal in the works, Swift Docs book update

Matthew Johnson was kind enough to let me pitch in on a proposal he was working on to make Standard Library protocol naming more consistent. Here is the updated proposal we put together. It would be great if you could read through it and share your thoughts on twitter with me (@ericasadun) and Matthew (@anandabits).

This is my third big Swift tweak suggestion, which can best be explained by the fact that I’m so busy with kids until January that I can barely get any “real” work done. (By the way, I just pushed an update to Swift Docs to iTunes and Lean Pub. Big thanks to Juan Diego for errata feedback!)

The first (discarding C-style for-loops) recently was accepted for 3.0. The second is now a bug report feature request but started off as a standard proposal. I’ve also poked my nose into suggestions about documenting the overall proposal process a few times.

I have an ever increasing stack of notes for my Cookbook update and for Swift Style. Both will have to wait until school starts again for the kids.

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