Stepping into the light: Swift’s new public evolution

Yesterday, I wondered whether we’d have early access to all Swift updates. Could we take it as a given that the entirety of language development would now be open? Would we, outside of specific dev-tool enhancements, transparently see the full progression of incorporated, proposed, and planned changes through the Swift evolution list, the Apple Github repo, and the site?

“The Swift team will be developing completely in the open on GitHub,” Federighi told Ars Technica in a write-up by Andrew Cunningham. “As they’re working day-to-day and making modifications to the language, including their work on Swift 3.0, all of that is going to be happening out in the open on GitHub.”

Cunningham writes, “So instead of getting a big Swift 3.0 info dump at WWDC 2016 in the summer and then digging into the Xcode betas and adapting, developers can already find an “evolution document” on the Swift site that maps out where the language is headed in its next major version.”

As a tech writer who was counting on this, I have now let out a big sigh of relief.

The complete Ars Technica post is here.

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