If this book existed, would you buy it? (Part 2 in a series)

Remember my poll about a possible Swift Markup book? Based on your feedback and support, I went ahead and wrote it; Swift Documentation Markup is now at iTunes and from Leanpub. Thank you everyone!

So, next, how about this?


Would you buy a book about common Swift style rules? Something similar to the topics I brought up yesterday in this related post but more comprehensive, with discussion and code samples? Keep in mind this wouldn’t be a bible — just helpful, hopefully well sourced, opinions and suggestions.

A few things:

  • If there’s anything specific you’d like to see in a book or any issues you have with the ideas I throw out in my posts, please ping me and let me know.
  • Now that I’m set up over at Leanpub, I’m intrigued by their system of installment-publishing. iBooks also supports updates, revisions, and expansions. Would you be more interested in a whole-book-at-once or reading-as-I-write in general?

And finally, these are the existing books in my self-published series:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 3.08.34 PM  cover

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