Updates from a post-laptop world: Nulaxy keyboard adapter review

Ever since my daughter stole my laptop, I’ve been trying to make do with my iPad when on the go.

I own an Apple bluetooth keyboard but I hate the chicklets. So I bought this Nulaxy keyboard adapter from Amazon. For $25, I thought it would be a great “bring your own keyboard” alternative. Attach a keyboard, and it converts it to bluetooth for use with tablets.

It arrived yesterday, and this morning I finally got a chance to kick the tires so to speak. Unfortunately, I don’t have good news to report.

The lid of the battery compartment doesn’t stay on and won’t click into place. Any minor vibration on the table with it in use causes the lid and one or two of the batteries to pop out. Not good.

Even taped shut, it’s a disappointment. Unlike most people, I actually have drawers of keyboards around to test. So I grabbed four of them, ranging from low end to high, low-power to mid-power, plugged them into the Nulaxy, and attempted to sync.

I was unable to get a single keyboard to connect to my iPad.

I guess it’s time to process a return at Amazon.


  • I own one of those and it was weird for me as well. It may have to do with the power draw of your keyboards. In order for my Topre FC660C board to work, the Nulaxy requires batteries and power via the microUSB port. If I recall correctly, my aluminum Apple chiclet keyboard only required batteries but it has been awhile. Hopefully someone will kickstart or provide a simple Teensy+Bluetooth+device switching so we don’t have to wire them up ourselves.

    Or maybe those Logitech USB multidevice dongles might work, but then you need a USB hub via OTG and possibly added keystroke latency. Another terrible option I’ve considered is BT to an always-nearby laptop and remote to that from the mobile.

    • That Apple chiclet keyboard I mentioned is the wired first-gen version.