Generating and Redeeming tvOS Promo Codes

Generating Codes

Navigate to iTunes Connect > My Apps > Your App > Features (top tab) > Promo Codes > Generate

Redeeming Promo Codes

Don’t even dream of redeeming these on Apple TV. Just hop into iTunes or if you’re on iOS, into App Store, and redeem them as if you were working with an iOS app.

Then, return to Apple TV, open the App Store, and find the listing for the app in question (see previous post about how annoying this is Update: Or just use Robert Jen’s genius approach: Look under  Purchases/Recent Purchases). It will be ready for you to install.


  • To get to the app on your Apple TV, just go to the Purchased tab of the App Store. The app for the code you just redeemed should be right at the top (select Recent Purchases on the left if not).

    I feel your pain on the discoverability aspect, though. My app, THETA Poker Pro – Texas Hold ‘Em, currently shows up as #9 if you search for “poker” (#3 for “texas” and #4 for “hold”), but that’s going to get worse as more apps get approved. Once you’re out of the top 10 that are fully visible on the screen, your app is pretty much undiscoverable.

    • Oh nice! I didn’t think of that. Thank you.