tvOS and iOS: Some thoughts

Two questions to start with. And I promise you they’re not trick questions.

  1. What is the greatest commonality between tvOS and iOS?
  2. What is the greatest difference?

p.s. There is a second page of this post. Bonus points if you can find it.


  • 1. UIKit knowledge can be reused

    2. no touch events, PrimaryActionTriggered instead, so new kind of navigation as if using cursor keys only

  • It strikes me that there are some similarities between the tvOS interface model and that of the switch input system for accessibility. I wonder if Apple supports this, or if any good could come of thinking about things this way.

  • 1. Greatest commonality, both Cocoa.
    2. Greatest different, not both Cocoa “Touch”!
    That’s my first thought, I didn’t yet read about tvOS.