Playground Secrets now available on Leanpub #swiftlang


With the help of 梁杰, I got the most recent version of Playground Secrets uploaded to Leanpub last night. Leanpub offers a promising commerce platform for in-progress and completed books.

  • The book has its own web page to visit. You should be able to now order a copy of the book from China and other regions of the world that do not have access to iBooks.
  • Structured Documentation is also available and includes the 1.1 updates that just went live in iBooks.
  • Playground Secrets is also relisted and available on Amazon.

I’m not going to submit Structured Documentation to Amazon for a while as the content may keep changing and Amazon does not allow updates the way Leanpub and iBooks do. I consider the Playgrounds book to be fairly stable and do not expect major updates for some time.

If you’re still left out and unable to purchase, please let me know so I can keep working on this. Let me know the country and what resources are available to you. Thanks!

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