Swift Developer’s Cookbook: Status Update #swiftlang

The Swift Developer’s Cookbook just finished copy edits and is now going into layout and proofing. Fingers crossed production can get this out sooner than the official date. You can preorder a copy at Amazon now.

The cookbook will participate in Pearson’s brand new ¬†Content Update Program, which (fingers crossed) will allow material to be refreshed.

  • Chapter 1 Welcome to Modern Swift
  • Chapter 2 Printing and Mirroring
  • Chapter 3 Optionals?!
  • Chapter 4 Closures and Functions
  • Chapter 5 Generics and Protocols
  • Chapter 6 Errors
  • Chapter 7 Types
  • Chapter 8 Miscellany



  • If we order through Amazon, will it still be updatable through Pearson?

  • ETA for iBooks and is this beginner friendly?

  • Is the Amazon pre-order dead-tree only?