POLL: Which of these #swiftlang books would you pay for?

Some notes: The initial feedback on a tvOS book had low numbers and my Swift posts have massively outperformed all my Apple TV/tvOS posts. If I’m taking on a project, I really need a critical mass of readers to keep this business going. If you don’t see a topic in the following covers, that you think is hot, that needs documentation, and that has legs for potential sales, drop a comment, an email, or a tweet in my direction and let me know what topic it is and why it’s one I should consider writing about. Thanks all.


  • What you need is a concise “advanced swift features cookbook” – and cover things like generics or protocol oriented development (as examples)… That would be useful 🙂

    • Been there. Done that. It’s called the “Swift Developer’s Cookbook” and it’s in production at Pearson right now.

      • Chapter 1 Welcome to Modern Swift
      • Chapter 2 Printing and Mirroring
      • Chapter 3 Optionals?!
      • Chapter 4 Closures and Functions
      • Chapter 5 Generics and Protocols
      • Chapter 6 Errors
      • Chapter 7 Types
      • Chapter 8 Miscellany
  • My vote is for a “first launch experience” book. I’d love to see some best practices for designing tutorial-like features that integrate into the app, detect when a user is struggling and nudges them in the right direction, but also doesn’t get in the way, or trash performance. Perhaps start with a very simple app with a few UI and gesture-based actions that may not be apparent from initial launch. The app would highlight these, encourage the user to try them, detect if the user is doing things wrong and offer suggestions, etc.

  • You can add:

    getting started with scene kit (and GameplayKit)