Why tech writers can’t do fiction

Especially romance.

“She looked longingly at him. Starting with the upper-left corner of his face, her eyes tracked down and to the right, making sure to scan all emotional features while paying careful attention to possible outlying data points.”

“He carefully rested his hand upon hers with a minimum of pressure to avoid damage to her extremities.”

“‘Darling,’ he said. ‘It appears you are in good health, with adequate teeth and other markers of youth and vitality. Would you like to move east approximately 25 feet into the bedroom, and assume a supine position upon the provided rest area?'”

“‘Oh yes,” she replied, intending to fully comply with the technical specifications he had established. ‘Let us run unit tests without full coverage!'”


  • What about Amy Tan. She was a tech writer.

  • Assuming the headline is true, there must be another reason it’s getting awfully hot in here :->

  • I think you might have hit on something – rewrite Jane Austen novels in the style of a tech writer…

    • Wouldn’t that be redundant? It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a tech writer in possession of a good story must be in want of emulating Austen from the beginning.