Xcode Playgrounds book: New edition submitted to iTunes #swiftlang


It may be a little hard to see the words between “second” and “edition” but it now reads like this:

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 4.15.03 PM

Given all the updates I had to do this week, it’s more than a “smidge” and probably should have been a third edition.

Once again I want to thank everyone for your continued support of this book. If you haven’t bought a copy yet, you can grab the latest edition from the iTunes Bookstore. The update should go live tomorrow. Check in iBooks for pending updates.

If you’ve already bought, THANK YOU. Without your support, I would not have the flexibility to keep expanding and enhancing this project. So please keep spreading the word: your evangelism means everything to me. Tell your friends, your boss, your colleagues, and your computer-programming pets to pick up a copy.

So what’s new in this edition? I’ve done a back to front update to incorporate all the new XCPlayground features in Xcode 7.1 beta 3: the new liveView feature that can be used with views and view controllers (and the XCPlaygroundLiveViewable protocol that supports rendering arbitrary model objects), the new ways to continue execution and capture values, etc.

I also found at least one stray println (bad me!), a few places where updated code did not get updated screenshots, and so forth. If you find any errors, please drop me an email. I’m always happy to update where I can.

Next up, when I’m not working on reviewing copyedits for the Swift Developer’s Cookbook (now available for pre-order), I think I’ll be working on my short illustrated guide to header docs.

Thanks again, be well, and don’t be a stranger. I’m open to suggestions, feedback, book requests, and kitten gifs.

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