Would you buy this book if it existed?


Trying to determine if there would be a big enough demand for this to make it worth breaking out to its own mini-book. Say $4.99, lots of illustrations, examples, and best practices building off this post.

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If not, what other topic would you be willing to invest in along the same lines as the playground book: lots of updates, self-published? I need a popular enough general topic to make it worth investing time into.

Thanks for the feedback!



  • Please take 10 instead of 5: it’s propably an ongoing effort. Value your work ??

  • I’d really love to see a book that covered how to build a great first launch experience, that covered how to design/build/code a tutorial for your users. It would give the users instructions, highlight UI/gestures to interact with, detect if they’re doing the wrong thing and help them through the process. Another important part is that once the tutorial is complete it shouldn’t negatively impact performance during regular use of the app.

    I can’t be the only one who would love something like this. Thanks for considering it.