Swift lessons: Why write in Objective-C #swiftlang

A few people have asked why I’m exploring tvOS in Objective-C instead of Swift given how invested I am in the new language.

Quick answer: I want to use SpriteKit and all my Sprite libraries are in ObjC. I’ve attempted to port them a few times but Swift kept changing. Right now, I can throw everything together (SpriteKit, my Essentials pack, my Handy Utilities pack, Constraints, etc) and just use one language to get it all done.

Going back and forth in one project is a major cognitive burden and this just got me going quicker. I’ll probably start porting my SpriteKit utilities again now that 2.0 seems “stable” (hah, just watch, this is like Charlie Brown and the football, right?).

And yes, it’s really weird to spend your entire day in Swift and then poke around in ObjC in the evening to see what’s new in tvOS (which I keep want to write as osTV for some reason).

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