Rec request: secure storage on common 3rd party cloud solutions

Anyone able to recommend a secure storage solution for common vendors like Dropbox, iCloud, or Box? I’m looking for something that is:

  • compatible with existing accounts
  • accessible from OS X and iOS, primarily for loading files from OS X and reading from iOS
  • provides in-cloud encryption either file-by-file or sparse encrypted disks (but must offer file-by-file from the client)
  • Offers encrypt/decrypt speed and read times that are¬†reasonably responsive. They don’t have to be super-fast but it shouldn’t be an order of magnitude slower than using the standard Dropbox client

Alternatively, if you know of a good secure use-your-home-computer client that’s iOS and OS X friendly, I’d love to hear about that too.

Thanks in advance

One Comment

  • I know you said “common vendors” but I’ve been using OwnCloud for the past 9 months now. The server portion runs on your own Linux server, for which I rent a virtual private server somewhere for ten bucks a month. But you can also run it at home, and then it’ll be lightning fast when at home (and easily backed up). Encryption can be done on the server or per file on the client side. Client and server is open source. It has a client for iOS which I don’t think is open source, but a great way to support the project.