Life with 6-Plus

As we head into Summer, I’ve had a good long haul with my 6-Plus. I think I’ve had enough hands-on time with it to summarize how I like it. In a word? Meh. This is not one of Apple’s more outstanding products.

It’s not big enough to be used as a tablet so I end up hauling my iPad with my everywhere. It’s too big to be used comfortably as a phone so I keep longing for a smaller handset. In fact, I’d have done much better at this point getting a phone from any provider with voice dialing and an iPad or iPad mini with cellular data.

That’s not to say that there isn’t much to love on the 6 plus. It’s just that you have to look to find it. It’s like hauling around a well-intentioned bumbling moose with you. No matter how nice the moose, it’s still a moose.


  • The 6 Plus is my first iPhone, I had HTC and Samsung phones before. It is too big for a handset, which is why I usually have my Bluetooth headset paired to it. It is great for quick Internet lookups or other tasks. It’s easier to read. It’s not as good as the iPad though for regular ebook reading, etc. I usually keep it on my Otterbox belt clip and look at any notifications on my Pebble watch. I love the all-day battery life. I can usually use it all day and still have 40-50% left when I put it on the charger.

  • Interesting to hear. I feel the same way about the Plus (I have a 6 instead; even that felt clunky at first though it quickly became comfortable). However, my parents both have Pluses, and rave about how much they love them, after years of indifference to their previous iPhones. While the Plus feels “just wrong” to me, it clearly feels “just right” to them — I guess it’s a love-it-or-hate-it proposition?

  • Indeed interesting. The 6+ is my 5th iPhone going back to the original iPhone. It’s by far the best iPhone I’ve had yet and I thought the same about the 5. I actually lamented when it was announced and I just knew it was going to be “too big” for most iPhone users that keep it in our pocket. Yet for some reason, I ended up getting it for myself and my wife as a kind of experiment. Somewhat surprisingly, the experiment has worked out well. I used to drag my iPad mini around with me all the time since it had better battery life and all my books (You see, the mini is more portable than the iPad Air that I have). The 6+ has proven to be an iPad killer for me as I only tote the iPad around now for long flights.

  • I just upgraded to a 6 from a 5s … I had the option of a 6 Plus but it just seemed enormous for a phone. Not much you can do one-handed with it IMO. I really liked the size of the 5s the best – I only upgraded to have more storage and the latest hardware/software (i.e. Apple Pay)

    Bigger is not always better.

  • I will have to refute this testimony. I’m a man, a manly man (with big hands) I find the phone just enough for me. It fits in my hand perfectly without problems. (reaching the top dosent count no one but MJ can) It feels good to hold for long periods of time and i make my phone calls exactly like I used to. and I agree with rick smith it has all but killed my need for an iPad (unless there be a 12 inch around the corner).