Radars: I did not know that

I’m told by persons in the know that a radar’s title is editable by Apple staff and is commonly changed during handling. So summarizing in the title and then filling in all the other fields with “see title” is probably a bad strategy in general when filing bug reports.

Clarity also matters. Engineers really appreciate screenshots and movie clips that help demonstrate your problem as it’s sometimes hard to express what’s going on just in words.

System dumps can also be very handy. The sysdiagnose  command-line utility gathers system-wide diagnostic information, which you can attach to your radar.

Finally, don’t forget Open Radar. (FAQ)

Got some other radar tips? Let me know. I’ll update this post.

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  • Huh i did not know that either.

    A pointer to quickradar.com the app sits quietly in the system bar until you need to file or see of someone else has and then bam! Problem recorded quickly.