Playground Secrets and Power Tips 2nd edition

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Thank you to everyone who has bought the book and helped support this crazy project. The new edition will auto-deliver to everyone who  purchased the first edition in iTunes. I felt this was the best way to say thanks for buying the book and keeping faith with me.

Once the new edition arrives, I hope you will love it enough to tweet about it, write about it on Facebook, pass it to friends, and otherwise help it build an audience. I want to keep this project alive, updated, and growing. I can’t realistically do that without an expanding customer base. Every mention matters and is greatly appreciated.

I’m grateful to everyone buying my books and supporting my blog. It’s a crazy life and I hope you get as much out of this as I try to put into it.


  • I’m of the opinion that Apple has created something that transcends any current programming language with Swift. Not necessarily because of the language, but because of this repl on steroids that will help make comprehension and learning of development a magnitude easier. They’re delivering what I wish Light Table was. And you’re on top of all that using those tools like a craftsman… IMHO.

  • Hey Erica – did the price go back up to 9.99?

    • It did. I put in so much time updating it plus the initial writing. If I can’t sustain it at $9.99, I just really can’t afford to keep the book going. So far, so good. Fingers crossed.

      My only other choice was to make the 2nd edition a new purchase but I really wanted to thank / reward everyone who has supported me so far by providing a free update to them.

  • Is the iBook only available in U.S. Store? Any chance of making it available in other countries?

    • I put it in all the iBooks stores so depends on whether Apple has a store in your country

      • Excellent book, but not available in my country 🙁

  • Any plans of selling the book from your own site? Neither Amazon nor iBooks sells e-books to my region.

  • Erica, a great book, as usual, BUT I cannot read the code examples. Are they available online?

    • Double-click/double-tap to view them at full size. Report back.