• HeHeHe… posted a comment here informing you about the Books, the Notes, etc in Apple Color Emoji, I guess you ‘cannot’ attribute other people than in your little group of contacts, understandable. However knowing that this comment will not be approved (and it is not for approval either) I am a bit disappointed, in the end you are also human, but no longer someone I admired. I thought that I knew something that you were still exploring. Thanks anyways, and as Mr. Spock says, Live Long and Prosper, it would not have hurt you to give credit.

    • I wrote these up ages ago and set them to publish a little at a time. I do try to consistently credit those who assist and steer me in a direction I was unfamiliar with, whether someone is in my “little group of contacts” or not. I’m unsure how to respond here because I sense your frustration but I honestly did not attempt to deprive you of credit.

      I’m updating the further Apple Unicode posts to give thanks for your input.

  • Thank you, The last time the post was held for moderation and this time around I had not hoped for the comment to be published, but guess that’s another one of Moore’s law.

    • The moderation flag is only for the first time you post so I can catch spam. Once a poster is validated, you should be able to continue commenting.