Webcast Recording: Available late next week

Trina tells me that the recording of yesterday’s “Swift: So that happened” webcast should be ready towards the end of next week. The Pearson engineers are working on getting it edited and put up on Youtube. She writes, “It is in postproduction as of this morning.”


  • Hi Erica,
    I watched your webcast but, unfortunately, technical problems diminished the experience. On my iMac, the software that ran the webinar never loaded in Safari. I had to switch to my iPad. Magnifying Safari’s web page view allowed me to read the code, but the audio kept dropping out for several minutes at a time. I’m really looking forward to seeing the completed recording so I can hear what I missed. Please consider another webcast platform next time.
    Other than that, thanks for presenting the webcast.

    • I’ve forwarded your comment to Pearson to my editor. Thanks for the feedback — and I hope the experience is better with the recorded version