Free Watch App Ideas!


I found this list in my drafts folder over the weekend. Apparently, I was using this post shell to brainstorm during the keynote. At least two of the items on this list are now reality.

  • Watchipedia!
  • Mighty Tiny TV! (Aka, “Gee this meeting is boring”)
  • Haptic Metronome! (now with more bloggage!)
  • Nintendo Simulator for the undemanding arm twister!
  • Naggity Nan, the to-do on your hand!
  • Truth or Dare, the Apple Watch heartrate edition.


In the comments, David Palmer amusingly suggests an ICE app — in case of emergency — to both page first responders to the scene when your heart rate goes flat and automatically sanitize potentially embarrassing data from your computer and the cloud. One presumes the heart rate detection wouldn’t misfire all that often.

One Comment

  • If the watch heartbeat sensor stops detecting heartbeats it:
    1) Clears your browser history and bookmarks on all iCloud connected computers
    2) Deletes a selected folder (Car repair receipts–1997)
    3) Once it has done that, it calls 911
    I have no idea why this would be useful, nor why the app is called ‘Porn Buddy’.