Bits and Bobs: June 3


Clearing a few things out of my in-box.

PaintCode just announced Telekinesis, enabling UI designs to extend to actual devices. “You can’t repaint your car on a roadtrip. Or change a chord while your song is being played on the radio…But with PaintCode and Telekinesis, you’ll soon be able to design your app while the app is running on a real device.” Sounds interesting. Teaser video at the link.

For those of you who use Parse, they’ve just introduced a new API Console to their toolkit. “The new tool has its origins within our Developer Support Team, who handle customer questions and issues with the Parse Platform. They initially built the Console as an internal tool allowing them to more easily explore the API and tackle issues — But we thought some of you might benefit from it as well, so we built a public version.” You should be able to use the console to test queries and experiment with API requests.

I haven’t really done much with gitter beyond signing up for an account but this new service, which offers group chats for github repos, seems to have received several big upgrades according to a recent email from the developers. I kind of want to kick the tires so if there’s a particular repo you want me to add a gitter room to, let me know.

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