Review: Lingon 3

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I’ve been doing a lot of Swift scripting over the past few days and I badly wanted to set some of my scripts up to to run every day and alert me via the notification center.

Swift? Easy. Notification center alert? Done and dusted. Scheduling? Ugh. Cron? Launch daemon? Yuck.

Somehow I managed to get my brain out of cron mode and I googled to see what was out there. All signs pointed to Lingon 3.

I hopped over to the Mac App Store, and bought a copy. It took me all of a minute or so to set up a delayed daily job and test that it worked.Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 1.53.03 PMIt worked.

Jobs are easy to add, easy to delete. Lingon 3 is available at the Mac App Store, five bucks.

A non-store version (Lingon X) extends Lingon to run jobs as root and support multiple dates. Buy it directly from the developer for $10.

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