WWDC: Scanning the topics


Plenty of room in the WWDC calendar this year for various Dev Tool topics. The 5 announced Swift sessions (Improving Apps, Protocol Programming, Optimization, Profiling, and Value Types) all sound exciting, but there are also (if I’m counting correctly) 9 other slots, which I hope have details of Xcode 7, Swift 2, and Better-IB-that-finally-works-smart.

There are 4 “Featured” slots in addition to the Platforms SOTU and the keynote, all on Tuesday. Any ideas?

Finally, what’s interesting to me about the “What’s new” talks is the one that seems to be missing: “What’s new in Cocoa Touch” What’s up with that? Last year there were 15 What’s New topics, of which one (What’s new in Xcode 6) used a spoiler-ish version number.


  • I’m betting What’s New in CocoaTouch is coming.

    They’ll need to focus on the Watch APIs, particularly if they’re not a subset of CocoaTouch.

  • This may still be too soon, but eventually there will have to be versions of / replacements for cocoa and cocoa touch that are specifically designed for Swift.