A different kind of ad support


I was recently discussing ads on IRC with some fellow developers. In many ways, ads currently form more a barrier that can be removed with IAP than a revenue stream in and of themselves. They’re commonly a gateway for try-than-buy. Could there be another approach?

During our chat, I threw out the idea of branded ad components. For example, in a game, instead of shooting ducks or generic cans, you might shoot at Coke bottles. Or your apps might use logo playing pieces or background wallpaper.

Imagine, if you will, a game-specific SDK, where you build Sprite Kit apps and get paid for incorporating branded items on-screen, with payments tied to use and exposure.

While product placement is certainly a thing when it comes to TV, movies, and co-branded apps, it’s not something that’s been available for smaller developers to incorporate into their apps.

Would you be willing to re-target your game this way if it earned you a few more pennies per play?


  • Yes! I will!
    Its a very good idea

  • This reminds me of the Mercades ‘sponsorship’ in Mario Kart 8.