Xcode 6.4 Beta 3

A few quick observations after a not particularly long test period:

  • The weird error in the results sidebar when using SpriteKit seems to have gone away.
  • Code you drop into Sources seems to be visible without having to quit Xcode, restart it, and re-load playgrounds. This is a huge improvement.
  • QuickLooked Bezier paths are still upside down in iOS playgrounds. 🙁
  • Still plenty of DVTAssertion issues begging for bug reports in the OS X console.
  • A nasty little bug when rendering custom classes in arrays to strings no longer happens. Radar be closed!
  • Rendering documentation no longer kills value history panes when you go back and forth between the two (at least in my minimal tests), which is great because re-setting all of those up was annoying. \o/ to the playgrounds team.
  • Rendering views on the iOS simulator still causes epilepsy and migraines.


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