Swift: Tuplized If-Lets

Ages ago, I put together a solution for tuplizing if-lets. Today, I finally got to give them a workout. Here’s what they looks like in practice. Before interpolating the cubic Bezier curve in the path element, I perform an if-let across four different optional values. If any are nil, the entire if-let fails and the statement shortcuts, just like a default if-let construct would.

case kCGPathElementAddCurveToPoint.value:
    if let (currentPoint, point, controlPoint1, 
        controlPoint2) = tupled(current?.point, element.point, 
        element.controlPoint1, element.controlPoint2) {
        for index in 1..<numberOfBezierSamples {
            let percent = CGFloat(index) / CGFloat(numberOfBezierSamples)
            let newpoint = CubicBezierPoint(percent, currentPoint, 
                controlPoint1, controlPoint2, point)
            results += [newpoint]
        results += [point]
        current = element

Lily Ballard helped me figure out the details of the solution. You can examine the source in this gist. Let me know if you find it at all useful.

Update: Yes, in Swift 1.2 you can combine if-let clauses with multiple tests as I described in this post. Here’s an example:

if let x = x, let y = y, let z = z {
    println("All Okay")
} else {
    println("At least one nil")

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