Swift: Amazon says no to Book Updates

Amazon emailed me over the weekend, stating that my appeal had been reviewed and declined: content updates of this magnitude can affect the reader’s user experience (invalidating highlights, bookmarks, and notes), Amazon limits its updates to quality issues that “negatively affect the overall reading experience.” The spokesperson added, “Currently, we don’t have the option to update content in regard with content expansion.” They promised to consider to “consider [my] input as we plan further improvements”.

I’ve asked them if I can withdraw early from my Select commitments in order to push this extra material out. If they say yes, I’ll be able to revise and publish on iBooks using the same title and cover art (which I love). If not, I’ll probably have to create a secondary work that is not in direct competition with Playground Secrets for at least another 70 days or so.

There are a few other options and I’d like to know what you think about them? Here’s a poll. Please let me know. Thanks!


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